While you were sleeping…New York and Ohio passed Laws that Allow the theft of more animals…

Top Cats Roar...

Animal Rights Against Rescue?!? That’s what I’m hearing these days when a well-known and top quality animal rescuer who has devoted his life to saving animals is protested for taking in animals that were owner surrendered and needed help but if that wasn’t bad enough to stomach…

More states have created ‘Puppy Mill’ Bills to add to the number of states that are allowing animals to be stolen from their rightful owners-Face it…Breeding animals, for whatever the reason, is now under attack…Any animals…ALL animals are under attack not just domestic pets…sickening that politicians who were voted into office to protect US citizens are now at war with the people they are supposed to be serving…

‘Animal cruelty’ laws and ‘puppy mill’ laws are ALL unconstitutional and do nothing to stop any abuse of animals-civil action designed by Animal Rights Extremists/Terrorists to take valuable property

Sign the petition against unlawful and unconstitutional…

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